Family or Friend...

Has your spouse, family member or friend been trying to stop drinking or taking prescription drugs, but not been successful yet?

For Yourself

Have people close to you expressed some concerns about your alcohol or prescription medication use? Is it difficult to see a way out?

Let C.A.R.I. Be Your Guide To Recovery

Whether it is via our traditional intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) program or through C.A.R.I.’s signature “On The Go” Recovery program, we pledge to help you over obstacles, past triggers, and beyond seemingly unbreakable habits; to help you face what you’ve been fighting to control; to provide more than just answers, but options; to be a mentor for you wherever you go, a guide for getting you through this; and a friend to remind you that, under no circumstances, are you ever alone.

Integrated IOP &
On-The-Go Recovery

Stress Inoculation C.R.A.F.T.
C.B.T.  M.E.T. D.B.T.
Mindfulness  I.O.P
12 Step Facilitation

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The App

Cutting edge mobile technology that provides guidance 24/7
when you need it

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The Experts With The Passion To Help

We’ve seen the tremendous impact the right program can
have for patients

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Who Are You Looking For Help For?

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